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Every organisation’s success is built on its people. Get the people bit right and you are likely to have a more successful business.

Employee engagement is seen as bringing real competitive advantage. However, raising engagement levels - and maintaining them - takes time, effort, commitment and investment. Cultural shifts can be created where engagement can be nurtured and dramatically increased; conversely, it can be lost and thrown away.

Engaged organisations demonstrate clear evidence of trust and fairness between employer and employees, based on mutual respect, where everyone is committed to the organisation’s values and goals and motivated to contribute to its success.

Working in conjunction with Thomas + Thomas, we measure twelve tested attitude statements that together comprise a single indicator of employee engagement and can be transferred between organisations and sectors, such as:

•    a positive attitude towards, and pride in, the organisation
•    a belief in the organisation’s products/services
•    a perception that the organisation enables the employee to perform well
•    a willingness to behave altruistically and be a good team player
•    an understanding of the bigger picture and a willingness to go beyond the requirements of the job.

Your business needs engaged, committed people who share your passion, values and determination.

Through our employee engagement surveys, working in partnership with you, we can help you deliver positive improvements to your business.

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